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MOT Repairs in Barnet | Tips to Avoid Failing Your MOT

If your car is due an MOT, visit DAS Automotives in West Hendon for competitively priced MOT testing. Established since 1985, we are one of the longest running garages in the local area and provide a friendly and professional service to motorists all over North West London, including Barnet. Should your car fail an MOT test, our expert technicians offer trusted MOT repairs to get your vehicle in a roadworthy condition in no time. We also carry out car servicing and cosmetic car repairs.


Most vehicles over three years old are legally required in the UK to pass an annual MOT test. MOTs are used to determine the safety and roadworthiness of a car and involve checks on parts such as tyres, the battery, steering and electrics. One of the most frustrating things as a car owner is failing an MOT due to problems that could have been easily prevented. In this blog post, we’re looking at some of the common reasons for MOT failure.


5 Common MOT Repairs


At our workshop near Barnet and other garages throughout the UK, technician teams see similar MOT failures happening time and time again. To help you pass your MOT and avoid unexpected car repairs, we have researched the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) data to establish five of the most commonly required MOT repairs.


1. Lighting and Electrics

According to the DVSA, around 18.4% of faults are related to lighting, signalling and electrics. Often, this can be from something as simple as a blown bulb or a broken number plate light! To avoid this from occurring, give all your vehicle lights a small tap to ensure they are not loose and turn them on to check if any bulbs need replacing before the test.


2. Suspension

Another common reason is due to suspension issues, which have a failure rate of 13%. Noticeable in garages throughout the UK, including at our own workshop near Barnet, suspension MOT failures have grown quickly in recent years. Modern suspensions have numerous moving parts and constant movement can result in them wearing out.


Avoid as many potholes as possible, arrange regular car servicing and get your vehicle checked as soon as possible if you suspect any issues, to help your suspension last longer. Leaving suspension problems for too long can result in additional car repairs or MOT repairs being required, as it can affect wheel alignment and tyres.


3. Brakes

Brakes are one of the most vital parts of any car and one of the most used. They result in 9.6% of MOT fails and are one of the most important issues to identify, as leaving brake problems unresolved cause a serious safety hazard. We encourage motorists in Barnet and throughout the UK to check their brakes every day, prior to setting off on a journey. If you hear any strange noises, braking feels spongy or your car pulls to the side, contact us straight away.


4. Tyres

Tyre pressure and tread depth are other common defects that cause 7.7% of MOT failures. Tyres should be checked on a regularly basis, not just at garages during annual car servicing inspections, but by the car owner monthly and before setting off on long journeys. The best way to check tread depth is by using a 20p coin to identify if the tyre meets the required depth of 1.6mm. If you can see the outer band after inserting the coin, the tread is too low and will result in MOT repairs being required.


5. View of the Road

Having a clear, un-obstructed view of the road is essential for safe driving in Barnet and all over the UK, yet around 7.2% of motorists fail MOT tests due to problems affecting the driver’s view of the road. Issues can include anything from air fresheners and windscreen cracks obstructing the view to broken windscreen wipers and low windscreen washer fluid. If you identify these issues prior to your MOT test, make sure to arrange the appropriate car repairs or car servicing to resolve the problem.

For more advice and to book MOT repairs, cosmetic car repairs or car servicing, call us today on 0208 202 0447. We are one of the most trusted garages in the Barnet area.

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