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Top Choice for Work on Clutches, Bodywork and Brakes in Barnet

On this page, the team at DAS Automotives has looked to answer a few common queries that Barnet garages often receive concerning car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing. While they cover components including brakes, clutches, bodywork and exhaust repairs, automotive issues range from simple and common to extremely rare and technical; producing an exhaustive mechanical question and answer verges on the impossible!


So if you have a different question for our team of mechanical experts, or you’re looking to book in a car servicing appointment or a specific form of car repairs, we urge you to give us a call on 0208 202 0447. We’re just a short drive from Barnet, and are one of the area’s most prominent garages – offering fantastic customer service, at highly competitive prices.

Barnet Motorists’ Questions Answered

Why should I invest in regular car servicing at reputable garages?


There are a number of benefits afforded by regular car servicing at reputable garages, like ours in Barnet. Firstly, you reduce the chance you’ll break down and need to make use of garages’ recovery service or emergency car repairs (during car servicing, we check essential elements like brakes and clutches for defects).


Secondly, you’ll improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle, saving you money and delivering you a more pleasurable driving experience. Car servicing will also keep you safe on the road, help preserve the value of your vehicle and make it more likely to pass MOT testing first time round. All in all, it presents fantastic value for money, if we don’t say so ourselves!


Which issues with brakes and clutches might call for car repairs?


Pretty much any issue with brakes or clutches will call for car repairs, they’re two of the most vital components within your vehicle and if they were to fail, your life could be put in danger. Common signs your brakes might be in poor shape include:


  • Brake pedal feels soft
  • Car is pulling to one side
  • Vehicle/steering wheel shakes when brakes applied
  • Brake pedal moves strangely/involuntarily
  • Strange noises emitting from vehicle when brakes applied


When it comes to clutches, keep an eye and ear out for the following symptoms:

  • Soft or spongy clutch
  • A burning smell
  • Difficulty changing gear
  • High biting point


Replacing brakes and clutches, or car repairs on existing brakes and clutches, needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Amongst garages in the Barnet area, we have a great reputation for affordable automotive solutions, so call us should you notice any of the above issues, or something worrying that doesn’t quite fit into any of the above categories.


What are the most common causes for MOT testing failure?


Barnet motorists are most likely to fail MOT testing for the following reasons:

  • Misaligned headlight aim
  • Lack of tyre tread depth
  • Poor tyre condition
  • Broken wipers (obstructing driver’s view of road)
  • Blown bulbs (front and stop lamps)
  • Poor performance of brakes and clutches
  • Need for exhaust repairs (e.g excess emissions)


What common problems might leave me in need of exhaust repairs?


Your exhaust features a number of elements including the catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor and exhaust pipe. As such, they’re relatively complex things and often require car repair. The most common exhaust repairs carried out by garages is a rusted exhaust pipe, which is fairly obvious to identify (and will be during car servicing, should you not pick up on it yourself).


Barnet motorists who’ve left this issue too long to get fixed have had a rather nasty shock when their exhaust has fallen off its brackets and begun to drag behind their vehicle! Hear a strange sound emitting from the rear end of your vehicle? Visit us for diagnostics and exhaust repairs at your earliest convenience!


When should I consider having bodywork repaired?


Minor scuffs and scratches on your bodywork may not annoy you enough to visit garages, but then again – they might! While major accidents that cause significant damage to bodywork are an obvious reason to come in for car repairs, if there’s a niggling defect or issue you’ve long put off fixing for solely aesthetic reasons, why not pay us a visit? We’re only a short drive from Barnet.


We can give you a free, no obligation quote so you can decide whether the work is worth having done or not. We can provide Barnet motorists paint correction, paintless dent removal or a full body polish, as well as more significant bodywork alterations.

Have a different question regarding car servicing, car repairs or MOT testing? Call Barnet’s leading choice among garages, DAS Automotives, on 0208 202 0447.

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