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Emergency Car Repairs in Harrow

All motorists dread suffering an automotive fault that leads to being stranded by the side of one of Harrow’s busy roads. But they do happen, and fairly regularly, too. On this page, we’ve talked about a few of the most common causes for breaking down, how car servicing can safeguard against the eventuality, and what car repairs are required when disaster does strike.


If you’ve noticed anything a bit funny with your vehicle, then don’t put off visiting professional garages, like DAS Automotives near Harrow. Not only will you strike first before your car gives out, but you’ll ensure that you’re won’t fail your next MOT test and require urgent MOT repairs!

Common Causes for Breakdown

Flat/Faulty Battery – Perhaps the most common reason why Harrow motorists find themselves broken down at the side of the road and in need of a garage’s recovery service, is a battery going flat or being faulty. To avoid this happening, ensure you don’t leave your vehicle’s lights on overnight. This can quickly drain your battery, meaning you need a jump start from a fellow motorist, and a replacement battery fitted in your car. During car servicing, we’ll ensure that your battery has some juice left. A fully operational car battery is also an essential pre-requisite to passing your annual test of roadworthiness, so replacing a faulty one certainly falls within the realm of MOT repairs.


Damaged Tyres & Wheels – Blowing a tyre is almost a rite of passage for motorists, most of us around Harrow have done it and some point in our lives. But there are ways to safeguard against this often dangerous, always irritating eventuality. Regular car servicing will check for signs of uneven wear or structural damage, which might increase the likelihood that they’ll suffer punctures. Likewise, it will ensure your wheels are aligned and you have enough tread depth remaining (above the legal minimum). If problems are found, garages like our own can carry out simple car repairs to rectify the issue and ensure you won’t get a fail grade and require MOT repairs.


Alternator Issues – Noticed that your headlights are a little dim when your engine is idle, or perhaps you‘ve recently experienced battery issues despite it being fully charged?  Your vehicle may be suffering from alternator problems. A failed alternator can be extremely serious and be cause for breakdown that requires immediate car repairs. Regular car servicing will allow you to catch the problem before it reaches such a critical stage.


Damaged Clutch – Failed clutches have also caused many Harrow motorists a royal headache. When placed under too much stress, clutch cables can break and quickly put your vehicle out of action.  If you notice that yours feels a little tight, don’t ignore it. Get assistance from professional garages, like ours near Harrow, and we’ll figure out whether the issue may call for car repairs or be easily fixed during car servicing. (Note: clutches can be fixed via MOT repairs, as a damaged one will certainly cause a failure).

If your vehicle is displaying some strange symptoms, don’t put off bringing it in for car repairs at our garage, based near Harrow. We can help you avoid the hassle of a break down!

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