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Quality, Affordable Car Servicing in Brent

While some automotive services are utterly essential, like car repairs and MOT repairs (the latter of which ensure your vehicle passes it test and stays on the road legally), garages offer others that come in handy before something goes wrong. One example would be car servicing. At DAS Automotives, based near Brent, we pride ourselves on offering competitively priced car servicing packages that offer a whole host of benefits to our clients. On this page, we’ve listed down just a few…

The Benefits of Regular Car Servicing

  1. Fuel Economy & Performance – Looking to save money at the pumps? Brent motorists who invest in regular car servicing at reputable garages do exactly that. This is because replacing oil/filters and addressing under inflated tryes, can reduce rolling resistance and optimise the amount of petrol used to get from A to B. These tasks, and similar maintenance carried out during car servicing, will also make your vehicle a more responsible and enjoyable drive.
  2. Road Safety – Staying safe on the road isn’t always an easy task; some motorists drive recklessly and Brent’s roads aren’t always in ideal shape. But your side of the steering wheel, there are certain ways to safeguard yourself, your passengers and fellow motorists. One is visiting reputable garages for car servicing every six months or so. Mechanics will be able to identify any parts that may be compromised or in critical condition, and make recommendations to deal with said issues.
  3. Reduced Repair Bill – A well maintained vehicle is less likely to need car repairs, some of which can prove rather expensive. Car servicing is a highly affordable way to ensure your vehicle has a clean bill of health, and you aren’t left having to pay for a new part (many of which are quite costly).
  4. MOT Preparation – Nearly time for your annual MOT? Failing and having to pay out for MOT repairs is not ideal, it eats up both your time and money. That’s why booking car servicing before the deadline rolls around is a smart idea. Garages can identify any problematic issues ahead of time and conduct any required MOT repairs at a time convenient for you.
  5. Preserved Value – You may find that in years to come you want to sell your current vehicle and upgrade to something better. If yours has undergone car servicing at quality garages like DAS Automotives, based near Brent, you’ll get a lot more to subsidise your next purchase. Firstly, it’ll be in better shape and more attractive to second hand buyers. Secondly, its regular service history and lack of major car repairs will show it to be a reliable drive.
  6. Breakdown Prevention – While suffering a minor automotive fault while driving around Brent won’t always place your life in danger, it will certainly disrupt your daily routine. Waiting for garages or a breakdown recovery service to pick you up, and then for the required car repairs or MOT repairs to be carried out, can throw a spanner in the works and mean you miss important appointments. Regular car servicing dramatically reduces the likelihood you’ll find yourself stranded at the roadside.

Looking to book car servicing, car repairs or MOT testing at a reputable garage in the Brent area? Call DAS Automotives today on 0208 202 0447.

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