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Affordable Car Servicing for West Hendon, Harrow, Barnet & Brent

Has it been a while since you last brought your vehicle into a professional garage for car servicing? Don’t wait any longer. Come into DAS Automotives, based just a short drive from Brent, Barnet and Harrow, in West Hendon. We offer affordable, expert car servicing which will ensure your vehicle is fit for the road and in an altogether healthy condition.

Car servicing not only reduces the likelihood you’ll break down and require potentially expensive car repairs, but it improves vehicle performance and fuel efficiency, saving you money and delivering you a safer, more responsive driving experience.


On top of all this, Brent, Barnet, Harrow and West Hendon motorists who regularly make use of professional car servicing ensure that their vehicle’s value is maintained, so when the time comes to upgrade, they can subsidise their next purchase.

What’s Checked During Car Servicing?

When carrying out car servicing for Brent, Barnet, Harrow or West Hendon motorists, we check an extensive list of automotive components. Interim car servicing includes:

  • Oil refill and filter replacement
  • Cambelt and undertray inspection
  • Clutch and gearbox check
  • Clutch and brake fluid top-up
  • Exterior light and horn check
  • Battery condition check
  • Power steering reservoir top-up
  • Steering component inspection
  • Suspension component inspection
  • Wheel bearing check
  • Shock absorber test
  • Exhaust system inspection
  • Brake pad and calliper inspection
  • Brake shoe check
  • Wheel cylinder inspection
  • Brake hydraulics check
  • Handbrake security inspection
  • Brake disc and drum inspection
  • Tyre condition and tread check
  • Tyre pressure adjustment
  • Wheel balance check
  • Windscreen wiper check

Our full car servicing package involves a drastically extended checklist, offering comprehensive coverage of all parts and components within your vehicle. We recommend drivers around Brent, Barnet, Harrow and West Hendon invest in this once a year, before they head in for MOT testing. Doing so will ensure you pass with flying colours, and aren’t forced off the road while any required car repairs are carried out.


Our car servicing is extremely affordable, and priced to compete with other garages in and around the Brent, Barnet, Harrow and West Hendon areas. So the next time you’re looking to have your vehicle professionally serviced by a team of highly experienced mechanics, be sure to get in contact with us.

Brent, Barnet, Harrow and West Hendon motorists in need of affordable, professional car servicing should call DAS Automotives on 0208 202 0447.

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