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Car Servicing & Car Repairs in Harrow | Winter Maintenance

At DAS Automotives, our experienced technicians have been carrying out car servicing and car repairs for motorists in West London since 1985. Based in West Hendon, we are proud to have built a reputation as one of the most trusted garages in the Harrow area. From cosmetic bodywork repairs to MOT repairs, we have the capacity to offer a full range of first-class services.


In this blog post, we’re looking at four of the most common car problems that occur during the winter months. Hazardous weather conditions like snow, sleet and low temperatures, cause more issues for vehicle owners during winter than at any other time of the year. Stay prepared by keeping up to date with car servicing for your vehicle and knowing how best to prevent the following issues.


4 Common Winter Car Problems


Tyre Deflation

When temperatures drop in the winter months, this can have a significant impact on your car’s tyres. As the air contracts due to temperature drops, this reduction in volume results in a loss of tyre pressure. Under-deflated tyres cause problems on the road, affecting handling, grip and even resulting in sudden, rapid deflation. To avoid unexpected trips to garages for car repairs due to tyre problems, check the pressure of your vehicle’s tyres regularly.


Thickening Fluids

One of the most important parts of your vehicle to keep check of during winter is the fluid. During colder conditions, car fluids will become thick and move slower through the engine, making your car and its components work harder. During extremely low temperatures, fluids can even freeze and compromise vehicle performance severely. Our technicians recommend that motorists in Harrow and the surrounding areas check their car’s fluid levels regularly and get booked in for car servicing prior to the winter months for an oil change.


Dead Batteries

Extreme weather can result in car battery problems, slowing the chemical reactions inside lead acid batteries and reducing performance. Thicker fluids and a higher use of headlights and windscreen wipers also mean your battery will be working harder than usual. At garages such as DAS Automotives, we see many vehicle owners come in to our workshop for MOT repairs or other general car repairs due to battery issues in the winter. To avoid car battery failures, try storing your car indoors and keeping the fluids in your vehicle at a high level.


Frozen Windscreen Wipers

We’re all familiar with waking up in winter to a sheet of ice over our car. This can have a damaging effect on your vehicle’s windscreen wipers if you’re not careful. Wipers can easily get stuck to the glass and cause visibility problems if not unstuck before setting off on your journey. They can also be damaged if trying to use them whilst stuck or if you attempt to use them to scrape away thick ice. Always de-ice them before setting off with warm water or de-icer, or try covering them at night to avoid sticking.


It is vital to take good care of your car during the winter months to avoid any serious problems. We encourage motorists in Harrow and throughout the UK to avoid car and MOT repairs by visiting your local garages for winter checks and keeping your car’s tyres, battery and wipers in good condition.

Reliable Winter Car Repairs

Should you run into car problems during the winter months or any other time of the year, DAS Automotives can help. We have over 30 years of experience undertaking vehicle services and mechanical work, including MOT repairs, for customers across the Harrow area. Whether you’ve broken down on a cold day and need affordable car repairs or are getting prepared with winter car servicing checks, our qualified technicians will take care of your vehicle. Our workshop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities, ensuring all your automotive requirements can be addressed efficiently.

Call DAS Automotives today on 0208 202 0447 for car repairs, MOT repairs, MOT testing and car servicing in Harrow. We’re proud to be one of the leading garages in the local area.

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